LCM Leadership Profiles

Pastor Dan

Welcome to the LCM Website! Lutheran Campus Ministry is an awesome place just 3 blocks down Grand Ave. from the track.!

We have comfortable couches, free food, and are a fun group of students looking to understand the love of Jesus and grow deeper in our faith.

Come check us out on Sundays or our weekly Wednesday night meetings (homemade dinner). We have an awesome space full of couches, coffee, snacks and games, so stop by anytime for a study break, a game of cards, snack or a Bible study.

Whether you are: - searching out your faith and what you believe - looking for a community to be challenged and grow with - and/or wanting to meet other college students to play frisbee, eat free meals with, or go camping with,

We are the place for you! Come check us out.

Lutheran Campus Minstry at Mt. Carmel is an exciting place to be (with lots of homemade food)! Check out the church website Mt. Carmel and our college calendar or e-mail me directly with any questions!

I hope to meet you soon,
Pastor Dan

Bo Oelkers, President

Major: Software Engineering
Year: 4th Year @ Cal Poly
Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

What do you love about LCM?
All too often we can get wrapped up in campus life and LCM has done a great job in integrating us into the Mt.Carmel Church where we have the ability to interact with people of all ages in meaningful ways. LCM has really helped me keep my feet grounded during my time at Cal Poly.

How did you hear about LCM?
I spent the first part of my freshman year at a church that wasn't a good fit for me, and when I did a little research I finally landed at Mt.Carmel. I heard about LCM just by attending church for a few weeks.

How has LCM helped you grow in faith?
LCM has really helped me to keep searching for truth and asking questions. Its easy to get complacent with my faith in college, and at LCM I am constantly encouraged to seek God and grow my relationship with him.

When I'm not at LCM, I can be found...
Studying in the library! Honestly though, I'm pretty busy. But when I'm not there either you can find me out on the tennis court or skateboarding with friends.

When I really want to procrastinate I...
Open Netflix and binge watch whatever is hype.

One thing I want you to know about LCM...
We are really a close knit and welcoming community. I can honestly say I know everyone in our group and we always have a great time hanging out in any setting.

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Weekly Gatherings

If you need a ride to any of our events, let us know here

College Bible Study on Wednesday Nights at 6pm with Dinner (FREE DINNER) beginning in October

Sunday Worship at 9:30am @ Mt. Carmel [map]